PR Space launches

Thanks for joining me on PR Space!

PR Space gives public relations and communication practitioners the space to think, formulate, discuss and create. Collectively, we’ll help each other develop our businesses and teams through exclusive and small retreat-style weekend working. There are no boundaries and I’d welcome any international practitioners to join.

Time for you to focus ON your business, as so often we are so busy working IN our businesses, we don’t have time or we feel guilty taking time out, to think about the bigger picture.

It’s the outcome of research and listening to the challenges PR/comms directors, independent practitioners, freelancers and owners of small agencies face.

The event is an overnight stay and away-trip. Away from your normal working environment. It’s envisaged there will be 10 practitioners at any one event. Generally speaking, we’ll all be facing the same types of challenges. We never have enough time to work ON our businesses as we’re so busy working IN them. Sound familiar?

Learn – Share – Collaborate

Through working with a small intimate group of people, you’ll leave feeling like you know exactly what you need to do to solve problems, get back on track and have a firm strategy in place to help develop your business/team/clients.

I’m hoping that the concept will resonate and we can run more, regularly, but we’ll need to wait and see what the demand is.

I, for one, think it will be really beneficial to me, as an independent practitioner. My thinking is around the fact there is no-one senior for me to bounce ideas off and chat strategy and business. So, PR Space is hopefully the solution to many of your challenges and questions.

PR Space content

How will it work?

The first event is in Glasgow around September / October, and I’m organising a cool city centre venue for us to use as base. We’d arrive in the morning, have coffee, check into the hotel, then go into a working lunch in a private room, where we’d brainstorm, share ideas and talk about our challenges (12-5pm). Then we’d have a break to freshen up /get changed, head to the bar for drinks and then have dinner, where we could carry on the conversation.

Everyone will have a different goal for attending but through strength in numbers and experience, you’ll find we can all help each other and contribute to solving problems, giving advice and inspiring each other to do better.

It might be that you need to review your entire PR and communication offering, or your website copy as you’re attracting the wrong clients, or perhaps you need to think of how you can develop your business plan for 2019. Or maybe you’ve got a campaign/project coming up and you need to bounce ideas off other people. We’ll find that out when you register!

Who’s PR Space for?

The event is aimed at senior practitioners. I want to create an environment where you have all the advice you need to elevate yourself and your business and feel to an extent that you’re being held accountable.

It’s supposed to be a retreat for us, so it’s important that people who come along, can contribute to other people’s conversations and be part of the solution. After the event, we’ll have group chats so that we’re checking in on each other and can help each other further, if need be.

It’s going to be amazing and I’d love you to join me!

How do I register?

In the first instance, as this is the first of its kind, I’m inviting people to register interest by subscribing and registering via this link. What you need to send me:

What does it cost?

This is the first event of this kind and hotel prices will vary throughout the year.

My estimate is that it’ll be circa £300 per person for accommodation and the collaborative session. You’d organise your own travel and we can split the drinks and dinner bill between us.

I think it’s important we all stay together, so people won’t be going off and booking their own hotels etc. We’d have breakfast the next morning together and then you’d be free to go shopping in Glasgow’s Style Mile or you can head home.

What’s next?

I’ll wait for people to register their interest (via this link) and then I’ll work my magic.

I’m really excited about this! It struck me after PRFest that there are more ways PR and communication practitioners need to work with industry rather than solely learning. Via PR Space, I’m hoping people will learn but most importantly, they’ll have the confidence, ideas and event new mates to collaborate with.

All going well, I’ll set up PR Space as a community group on the PRFest Facebook page, so we can have instant conversations, regularly.

Join PR Space and please share the concept!


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