Welcome to PR Space, a space to develop and test ideas for public relations plans and teams

PR Space encourages you to work ON your business, teams and future plans. You’ll leave feeling empowered and you’ll know exactly what you need to do, to succeed.

Whether you’re an independent practitioner, a Head of Communication or leader of a small agency, I know what challenges you face and without anyone skilled or at the same level as you, it’s difficult to bounce ideas off others and come to a conclusion about a decision which needs to be made.

Some of you may need support to grow your business in order to help clients grow theirs and some of you want to be part of a community to help you keep on track. PR Space is here. It’s here to give you the space to think, discuss, share and create.

You don’t need to work in isolation and with plenty of good brains around the table, including my own 18+ years’ experience in public relations, we can brainstorm, get creative and be strategic in our businesses and organisations.

If you’d like to be considered to join one of our future events, please register here.